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BMW Inspection I includes:

* Change oil and filter
* Check and top off all fluids
* Check protection level and antifreeze/coolant
* Check all belts and check timing belt for proper service interval
* Check hoses
* Check brake and fluel lines
* Check engine, transmission, differential, and transfer case mounts (if equipped)
* Check for fluid leaks
* Replace charcoal activated cabin air filter
* Check tires for proper tread depth and inflation pressure including spare tire
* Check axle boots (including front CV boots if all wheel drive)
* Check ball joints, control arms, and inner/outer tie-rods for looseness
* Check springs for corrosion or breakage
* Check wheels for bends or cracks
* Check control arm and trailing arm bushings
* Check exhaust system for leaks and proper mounting
* Check undercarraige and suspension
* Check brake lining thickness and emergency brake adjustment
* Check all lights and replace necessary bulbs, instrument function and illumination
* Check condition of wipers, tighten wiper arms, and aim washer jets
* Load test battery and check charging system
* Lube door hinges and latches
* Perform diagnostic readout of all computerized systems
* Check A/C for proper cooling
* Check power windows for proper operation
* Reset service lights, counter, or CBS9 conditon based service indicator
* Check body for corrosion
* Road test with check of brakes, suspension, and alignment

Hagan's Motor Pool Cost: $299
Dealer Cost: $426

BMW Inspection II includes:

All items listed under Inspection I, as well as the following:

* Inspection of your parking brake lining,
* Replacement of spark plugs,
* Replacement of air filters
* Examination of flexible boots for leaks, and
* Inspection of the car body for rust per your rust prevention warranty

Hagan's Motor Pool Cost: $499 - $599
(Depending on engine size)
Dealer Cost: $633

For questions about your BMW contact our service department

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