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Mercedes Benz A Service Includes:

* Change your vehicles engine oil and filter
* Inspect tires for damage and conditiong, and check tire pressure (including the spare)
* Inspect brake pad thickness and disc condition
* check and correct all fluid levels
* Reset your vehicles FSS counter
* Check engine cooling systems, antifreeze, and corrosion protection
* Check battery level and condition
* Check catch, safety catch and hinges on engine hood for proper operation

Hagan's Motor Pool Cost: $199.00
Dealer Cost: $299.00

For questions about your Mercedes Benz contact our service department

Mercedes Benz B Service Includes:

Includes all of the items listed under A service, as well as the following:

* Check seat belts for damage for proper function
* Replace dust filter
* Check parking brake (function test only)
* Check condition/thickness of brake discs (front/rear)
* Measure tread depth

Underside of vehicle:
* Check for leakage from major components
* Check for chafe marks, line routing, damage components
* Check condition of ball joints and rubber boots
* Check condition of tie-rods and drag links
* Check condition of steering mechanical components and rubber boots
* Inspect condition of flexible discs

Engine Compartment:
* Active body control (Classes: S, SL, CL)
* Check condition of poly V-belt
* Check transmission fluid levels
* Replace air filter, 4 Cyl., and single element (Call for pricing. Pricing depends on the vehicle.)
* Replace air filter, V6, V8, V12, AMG (Call for pricing. Pricing depends on the vehicle.)

Hagan's Motor Pool Cost: $349.00
Dealer Cost: $459.00 (Does not include tire rotation & balance)

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